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The Huguenot Society of South Africa was founded in 1953. The original aim of the Society was to maintain and develop the traditions, virtues and ideals of the Huguenots. In due course the upkeep of the Huguenot Memorial Museum and Monument became its main focus.

Right: At the opening of the new Huguenot Memorial Museum exhibits in April 2019, Peter de Villiers, Springbok rugby coach, Anroux Marais, Western Cape Minister of Cultural Affairs, Minnie Petersen, Speaker Stellenbosch Municipality, Salie Peters, Councillor Stellenbosch Municipality.



The Society publishes a Bulletin and three newsletters per year to update its members on upcoming events, membership activities, Society news, new products and genealogical research.

2020 Huguenot Bulletin


Editorial & Annual Report
Family Focus: Lombard
Pierre Lombard from Pontaix
Various Lombard lineages
Avril de Mérindol Malan
Pests, Plagues and Pandemics – Covid-19
Bernard le Roux and his children
The Roux orphans of Murraysburg
Louisa Helena du Toit

Archived Bulletins


A CD with all the Huguenot Bulletins published from 1963 through 2004 and genealogical studies of South African families with Huguenot names, published by the Society, are available from the shop.



Huguenots at the Cape

The HSSA’s new book, Huguenots at the Cape, available in English, Afrikaans and French language versions tells through thorough research and sophisticated analysis the story of the persecution of the Huguenots in France and the settlement of approximately three hundred of them at the Cape in the late seventeenth century. It consists of 259 pages with several maps and a detailed, foldout Register of all Huguenots who came to the Cape.

Find here a detailed Register

Cillié: Rhebokskloof en sy mense

The 4th publication in the HSSA’s Genealogy Series, provides an extended family history of the Cillié (Cellier) family in South Africa. Written by Dr Andrew Kok, president of the SA Genealogical Society, the book augments family research with its many biographical anecdotes, hundreds of photographs and a CD with a name index to facilitate digital searches.


The HSSA’s annual general meeting is held on the last Saturday in October in Franschhoek each year. At the AGM a talk of Huguenot interest is given and an informal lunch served. Members have the opportunity to exchange their ideas and buy the latest publications. The HSSA arranges the commemoration of special dates and events to celebrate the Huguenot legacy in South Africa. As custodians of the Huguenot Memorial Museum the Society ensures that valuable archival material and artefacts are acquired and curated.

The HSSA encourages and supports academic research into Huguenot history by funding a scholarship to a student working for a higher degree on a Huguenot subject. Please contact the secretary for details and application forms. It also has genealogical research as a principal object and publishes a variety of genealogical and historical books. The organisation provides network opportunities for genealogists and a database for Huguenot directed research. Information is exchanged with corresponding societies in other countries.




The Society’s broad aims are to preserve and promote the Huguenot heritage in South Africa and beyond by updating the records of Huguenot settlers and their descendants. The records are kept in the Huguenot Memorial Museum. It also sets out to establish and maintain contacts with Huguenot societies in other parts of the world.


  • Maintenance of the Huguenot Memorial Museum and Monument in Franschhoek
  • Preservation (celebration?) of the Huguenot legacy in South Africa
  • Commemoration of special events and dates
  • Researching the Huguenot history in South Africa
  • Promoting and sponsoring genealogical research
  • Publication of genealogical and historical books
  • Publication of an annual Bulletin and quarterly newsletters
  • Arranging the Society’s AGM
  • Encouraging the safekeeping, promotion and financing of Huguenot relics and artefacts in the Huguenot
  • Maintaining contact with other Huguenot societies across the world


Membership of the Society is open to all who support the aims of the society.

Membership fees are:

  • Life membership (South Africa): R600
  • Life membership (International): US$ 200
  • Corporate membership (South Africa): R1,000

The AGM is held in Franschhoek and in Pretoria during the last week of October (Reformation Week).


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